Giving you daily trading advice

Giving you the best daily trading advice

With the TradingGuru app we give our clients daily trading tips for derivative and share traders.

Our team of experts will focus on fundamental analysis and the technical analysis of trading to give you the best advice we possibly can.

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The TradingGuru app

  • The application will be available for iOS devices and also for android users.
  • The app is user friendly for every trader to understand.
  • Our focus is to provide trading ideas on shares and derivatives on the JSE. We will give long and short tips.
  • Subscribing to our service will give you access to our daily share/derivative trading tips
  • Members will be able to track history of their performance
  • Tips will be fundamental as well as technical
  • We will give entry and exit points
  • With new information every business day
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  • When we think about trading, we often associate it with the notion that it’s a lucrative venture, but the truth is trading needs practice and a lot of effort so you can make good money. However, in order to do this, you need to approach trading with the right strategies and acquire good money management skills. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably need to understand the steps first to help you learn the patterns and trends associated with trading. With TradingGuru we can help you become the successful trader you always wanted to be.

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The Team

The team is a group of highly qualified individuals with over 20 years experience in (give job title here about investment).
Every pick the team promotes is backed by research.
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